I have been watching a lot of movies lately. Some aspects of a particular genre really bother me. Romantic comedies are light hearted but all of them send a unanimous message about our expectations from life, the way we form bonds and the overwritten importance given to chance encounters. I wrote this to comment on that. Recently there has been a shift in telling these stories, they’re more focused on female friendships (eg: Bridesmaids, Booksmart) and a greater meaning in life. Also, a more realistic depiction of the happy-ever-after concept, which is just so amazing and a much needed change.

Warrior, for here … is an unusual rhyme, but it works right? This is a short poem, more posts coming soon. If you’re new to my blog welcome! I write about hope, mental health and much more in the form of poetry, I hope you like it. Thank you so much for reading!

-Aarushi (loves caramel popcorn)


The hardest thing I’ve had to do
Was care about something other than you.

Even when I was stranded,
I would lie on the grass next to you,
With nothing better to do,
Hoping the clouds give us a clue.

You are the ground I stand upon,
But also the reason I want to fly.
I wish I could grab opportunities that I did not
When you consumed all my thoughts and made them yours.

That neighborhood was good enough,
It was nice of me to stay,
So I never left,
But I wish you asked me to,
Even once,
I would have found a new way.

-Aarushi (I wrote this about how our comfort zones can be very limiting for us. Trying new things without someone pushing us can be very hard.)

Every monsoon

I thought it was all sunshine & rainbows
Moving on, without letting go…
How could I not remember
The endless rain
That flooded my room.

I know better now, I’ll tell you
Face the sun when you’re ready
Let the sunshine cast rainbows on your heart
As you let the tears fall
Let the glare sting your eyes
To leave the heaviness behind.

-Aarushi (๐ŸŒˆ)

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