Walk alone

When I ran through

Burning bridges


& Cities

Just to save you

I hope it wasn’t any trouble, I hope I wasn’t a burden.

I ask the empty room, “What’s wrong?”

Your name appears in thin air.

I’ve been a mess lately

Did you get to safety?

I haven’t heard back in so long

Did you get my message at all?



You’re a little too loud for your words,
A little too sweet for where you work,
It’s something I heard you say,
I’ve been looking at you in the hallways.

You wear you best accessories all at once,
So strange but lovely, I want to know you more.

Talk to me like a stranger,
Over wine and some danger,
I need a drink or two,
To get over how I look at you.



Here we go,
Not looking for one but two,
Ways to feel better about ourselves,
The world broke us in million pieces,
But it wasn’t our fault, like always.


How am I awake again,
Trying to feel whole again,
I wasted broad daylight,
Now I count on the light,
Of this half moon,
I hope I get the answers soon.


I’m tired of digging deep,
When the water pours in,
I can’t leave,
I’m tired of this hollowing,
Concentric circles shut me in like walls,
I have more questions than before,
Is that changing?


Three similar pieces written in the last three months.