Meant to feel incomplete

All that time when we were walking,
I wanted to hold your hand in mine,
As your warmth would have been anchoring,
That day, I thought I was going to fly away.

It’s been a tough year and there’s nothing holding me here,
You’ve got a home, not me,
I’m always standing in the shade,
I swear, the overhead canopy just wants me to leave.

The cold air doesn’t freeze my feet,
I’m known to never quit a good deal,
But I plan to make a major move
Do you have a reason for me to stay?
I don’t have a lot left to prove.

Maybe this road remembers me,
Maybe the grass is rooting for us,
But apart from you, I don’t exist,
And I know that’s not good,
So I’m trying not to drown in self-pity,
I want to catch you up on everything,
Because if not with you, I don’t belong in this city.


Pitfalls of romance

Is it worth the pain when we’re splitting the difference between our past mistakes?

Learning from them is a long process and we have busy lives with so much to unravel and digest.

How long can that last?
You’re sweet when your words drip honey but it’s sickly in excess.

I can’t tell what’s coming next,
Maybe some people don’t go the distance.

It’s like driving off a cliff amidst the harbingers,
Then the crash is fatal to all riding passengers.

To be continued…



When you don’t tell me about your day,
I’m afraid I won’t be welcomed to stay,
You’ll not ask me the questions,,
I’ll never find answers to,
There will be silence between us once again.

When you move on from this life,
To the bigger places you dream about,
And I’m still unhappy with my life,
There won’t be love in the air or you here next to me.

It took us this long to get somewhere,
Every choice I make or chances I don’t take,
They feel like the death of me.