Meant to feel incomplete

All that time when we were walking,
I wanted to hold your hand in mine,
As your warmth would have been anchoring,
That day, I thought I was going to fly away.

It’s been a tough year and there’s nothing holding me here,
You’ve got a home, not me,
I’m always standing in the shade,
I swear, the overhead canopy just wants me to leave.

The cold air doesn’t freeze my feet,
I’m known to never quit a good deal,
But I plan to make a major move
Do you have a reason for me to stay?
I don’t have a lot left to prove.

Maybe this road remembers me,
Maybe the grass is rooting for us,
But apart from you, I don’t exist,
And I know that’s not good,
So I’m trying not to drown in self-pity,
I want to catch you up on everything,
Because if not with you, I don’t belong in this city.



  1. wardah says:

    The imagery is so beautiful Aarushi. This is beautiful but so sad 🥺🖤

    Liked by 2 people

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