from a friend

to a friend,

are you okay?

i thought i’d check in

lately you don’t seem like yourself

the spark in your eyes that used to set ablaze the sky seems to have dimmed

you’re making a lot of mistakes and you’re not improving on them like you used to

you don’t even make polite conversation anymore

i know people tend to smile when you falter

but don’t give up

i’m rooting for you

whatever you’re going through, i hope i see you at the end of it all, walking down the hallway, doing fine.

end of the year musings

  • Maintain a balance between the amount of crazy you make the world and then the amount it makes you.

  • You never get enough of what you don’t really want.

  • Don’t take water soluble vitamins i.e. B complex and C with diuretics like coffee.

  • If you can’t spend money on presents, DIY stuff. I can’t believe you didn’t think of this before.

  • Don’t get caught up in the drama of a story. Try to understand the meaning behind it. It’s not ‘things that happened’ as they’re always more than that.

  • Accept what you don’t know.

  • It’s not about the food but the people you share it with.

  • Don’t keep your clothes in a room that has windows. You’ll never change there. Just saying.

  • You can’t care about everything.

instead of being harsh on myself this year, i wrote down some snippets of advice for my future self. some of them are very specific or annoyingly vague or plain obvious, but i hope they serve as a reminder to you to be kind to yourself too.