I mean it, I do
I do love you.
I love you like…

(like a kid loves a flower and tends to it
who waits for it to bloom but then plucks it.

like a middle-aged woman
who tries to decorate her empty nest
but donates the extra furniture
to get rid of all that emptiness.

like an octogenarian knitting new sweaters with her shaking fingers and fading memory
by unraveling wool from old ones.)

…you think I do.
for everyone, it’s different
sometimes love can become a weakness.

the problem is you love me now
for a wildness that can not be tamed.
you love me in your spilling youth
and right now
even though I’ll never let you see it
all I have is me
right now I can’t share what’s left.

so I tried to experiment with colours here, WILD, right?!

Starry night

It wasn’t written in the stars, did you see it?
It wasn’t written in the stars, I saw it.

Hope you like this starry sky and the meaning behind the caption.

Also there’s two shooting stars here, QUICK, make a wish.

Thank you for reading, catch ya later!

worst-stung heart

it wasn’t like that before,
the thorns on her bleeding heart were new.
he gave her roses,
she put them in her favourite vase,
but like all good things that made her feel special,
the flowers wilted too soon.
the petals formed patterns on the floor,
and the wind blew them away,
nothing remained.

she wore her heart on her sleeve
and kept the arteries in her pocket.

when it was time to throw out the stems and the grungy water,
she got pin-pricks all over her,
stained her perfectly dry-cleaned shirt.

it was a tale as old as time,
as she tried to love someone worlds apart.
that’s how she ended up with a badly stung heart.

The people who can just perfectly draw something on paper or digitally are THE COOLEST people ever. Here’s a little something I drew in the hopes of being that cool.

(The title worst-stung heart is from a prose piece by Mary Oliver in her book Upstream. Due to copyrights, I don’t know if I can include that here.)

Oh dear

Oh dear because I wrote this at 5 AM and with my limited, groggy vocabulary at the time, it turned into a tongue twister. Happy reading!

I don’t do what I say
or mean what I do,
so what does it mean
when I say
I want something to do with you?

there’s a lot to say,
how will you ever know,
if I never tell you.

if you’re reading this,
please feel free
to make it all about you.

after all,
it’s you that I’m writing to,
each word brings me closer to


My apologies for that weird little riddle. Yours sincerely, Aarushi.💟

Viridescent skyline

Crystal clear glass panes gazing back at her with empty eyes, the concrete jungle bustles by whilst her lonesome spirit dies.

Reaching out for the reflective barrier in front of her, a certain numbness travels through her fingertips and makes its way to her soul; dimming the tolerance for mindless city chatter in a flourescent flickering that never sleeps.

Discontent reverberated through her cells, well-versed with the heedless world. Restlessness of the hive and way of life shadowed now, behind her. Cotton-candy clouds underneath, the plane wings splitting through a canopy of white to unveil itself as the thick atmosphere dissipates. Lowering and lowering, the plane wings glide through foreign tree tops, a green she had not yet been blessed to witness.

Stepping into the rustic air, the concrete on which her heels tap reminds her of the past heavier than the luggage she carries on her arm.

From one transport vehicle to the next, she makes her way to the hills. Entranced by the viridescent shimmer of conifers and sprouting weeds, from the pocket of her jeans, she swaps her hand to trace the rough exterior of the trees. None of the city maps could have led her here but she’ll need one to leave. Is that what it’s like to be free?

She lost herself betwixt ever changing leaves, heady among the trees. She wept joyously beneath the wild skies as she saw the stars shining brightly. They shone and debuted stories of ancient times. She pinched herself, she could not live an ordinary life with an undisclosed universe camouflaged from her eyes.

Towing her luggage she knew they wondered why she left, to her but an alien, to them an alien species to her. In this clearing she knew that they were not sharing light, the glaring hive was sharing fears.

– Amber + Aarushi (the Concrete Jungle Liberation squad)

Thank you so much for reading! Writing this was such a great experience, we hope you like this as much as we do. REM-AMBER that Love is the answer!

An eternal promise

You whisper sweet somethings to me when I’m weak,
You do the talking for me when I can’t speak.

The thought of you keeps me company,
I find comfort even in your critique.
Your soul upon mine,
Melds into something unique.

What if love is more than emotions in its entirety?
Maybe love is more than you and me entirely?
The music of your aura is the answer,
The force behind my smile, the dreamy dancer.

You’re still with me no matter my imperfection,
It’s the beauty in the way you stay for my protection.
Maybe we’ll meet in some other dimension,
For now, you’re just my reflection.
Standing in the mirror, revealing who I should be
And loving this version that I see.

I am whole, you were my missing peace,
I see you in me, I hear you within.
Anchor your heart here and leave it down,
You’ll always be there if I ever start to drown.

– Ace + Aarushi (the dreamy dancers)

I’m so excited to present this COLLABOR-ACE-TION with the one and only, Ace.

We had such a fun time writing this, hope you liked it too. Thank you so much for reading!

Back of the line

The world breaks at night, my promises never do,
I would put myself on the line, break the curfew.

I whispered, “I adore you.”
“I don’t need that,” he laughed at me,
At this hour, it’s too late to argue.

Even before coming here, I knew I finally found someone,
My emotional support daydream,
My strength to swim upstream.

I overthink, he says he gets me.
I run away from my problems, so does he.



what should have made me feel free
tied me down with the absence of it.

what should have been an avenue for me to explore
made me feel like i didn’t have a home.

what would have been more room for me to grow
made me feel small and out of place.

what should have been a reminder about living
made me feel hopeless day after day.

what would have been a dream
became distracting.

the blank spaces
the craters
the distance
the indecision
i let it make me feel empty.