made up my mind

if I say the right words in a pre-determined order,

I know I can change your mind.

I’ve done that before,

watched it happen like a using weapon.

the hard part for me right now

is making up my own mind about what is not even a choice,

while the clock is running I can’t take up too much time again.

it’s now or never,

because if don’t make it when I still can,

the indecision will haunt me forever.

-what can I tell myself to make this process faster?

while I have you here

I threw a ball against the wall you’d become.
brought in heavy machinery to atleast tear it down.
you told me home is where you were
and I took that to my heart.
the closer, the closer I got
no place came in sight
only obstacles did.
when I exhausted myself
I drew graffiti
the best one I could
and turned my back to you
I never thought I would
I really needed to go home.
a home.
I just don’t know where yet.

can I tell you something
(the drawings are back!)

tuckered out

don’t think too much about the past or your life, love
time moves forward,
the world moves too fast,
you’ll exhaust yourself catching up.

paint whatever you can,
and write whatever you can’t recall.

do what you want,
like it’s the only system that matters
at the end of the day.

fret not.

Some mid-week motivation even if it’s only Tuesday today. Happy reading!

(Found the attached photo on WeHeartIt website.)