the same way

you say when i’m like this

(bitter as flower petals and chlorophyll in leaves,

lying through my teeth like a thief,

red as a bruise that swelled,

fragile like the mosaic floor made from eggshells around me)

because i don’t love anyone or anything
but how can that be true
when i’m like this only

when i’m asking you to love me more.
when i think you don’t love me enough.

this confession begs the question: is that something you’re ready for?

i could be your diamond in the rough.

(that you can keep,

that’s reflective,

and never breaks)

it’s a promise, on a two-way street.

i’m tired of thinking love conquers all.


Because you’re running in circles,

I’m hopeful I’ll catch you someday,

I might be a tangent passing by,

But we’ll meet at a point,

And if you let me,

We can change your trajectory,

And not be bound by geometry.

Don’t be such a
rhombicosidodecahedron with me,

Leave your edges at the door,

We’re two shapes that fit perfectly. Don’t you see?

I was reading something mathematical and got bored, so I wrote this. It’s related to the last post about puzzle pieces and geometry in a very abstract sense. Also, it made me think about going in circles. How those circles turn into spirals and we can’t seem to get out of them. This has a very ‘i will save you/some superhero’ vibe to it and I hope it does save a certain someone, hehe.

Thank you for stopping by. Glad to have this intersection. Have a great weekend ahead! (:

The Metamorphosis Series

beautiful spots

A little caterpillar on a big oak tree,
Falling in love with the hide and see,
(finding the best spot for shade,
blending in with the bark, making a small mark).
Turning over a new leaf
Or at least trying, adding belief.
Tumbling from branches, hitting the ground,
Life’s great adventure lies in playing around.
(No creature could have been stiller
when it came to pursuing the big dreams)?

Inching to crawl,
Hearing the call,
(Beyond words and thoughts, it was coming)
Something so deep,
A cry to evolve, a deafening weep.
(A dance within, change was looming in place).

With another slither,
The cocoon whispered, “come hither”
Everything became s l o w,
Sky and sight disappeared.
(All was blank, in this blanket’s show).

over time

Hugging its skin like gentle fluff,
The cocoon became soothing,
Breaking the warmth, becoming rough,
Cold air brushed the new body – blooming.
Like a flower that came to life,
Testing its wings like they were petals,
The butterfly took a flight,
A new world went into view,
The flapping wings appeared blue,
Something ineffable, only divine,
As if nothing could take away its sun-kissed shine,
It floated over the trees,
Tasting nature’s nectar, finally free.
Ready to make another leap,
Fear started to weep.
The adrenaline of truly being alive,
Was such a magical dive.
Something inside was afraid fear would arrive,
But through a smile of the eyes,
And a breath of love,
So many more surprises
Awaited these wings delicately above.

Ace + Aarushi

Ace + Aarushi (🐛🦋)

Thank you Ace for doing this collaboration! I took my sweet time with it, so thank you for being so patient.

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it ❤️