Lunar Longing

Hey you illuminated celestial rock,
tell me what it’s like to be there for a million years,
I’m very new here.

Tell me what it was like when the ground I walk on now was just molten lava,
tell me stories of mankind before it even existed.
I long to know something no else does,
right now I know nothing.

If I tell you my secrets,
will you tell me how The Great Wall of China looks from there?
Is it sad and alone like you?
Please share my secrets with some other person in the future,
tell them I existed.

Carry this feeling,
I feel the heaviness of all the people that looked at you
and took nights for granted,
I don’t want to do that anymore.

A very special piece this week!

all or one

after my teenage dreams,
my puppy love wasted on you,
only adoration prevails, like an echo.

my mistakes,
my mad love reminiscent,
he’s not unlike you.

only himself when it’s just us two,
hiding in front of me,
smashing the rearview.

looks past me when we cross paths,
running his hands through my hair,
but never in a crowded room.

thanks to him,
now i finally think of doom,
when i think of you.

-wasn’t it na├»ve to think that
i could have been happy
with either of them.