Say it with me: STAY HOME

Our country went into lockdown today at 12 a.m. and it’s been mayhem. It should be a ghost town but people are still stocking up on groceries and medicine, emptying out shelves.

I have been at home the whole week leading upto this announcement as colleges were shutdown beforehand. But my mom still had to go to her office. Now we’re all here, thankfully.

We have the raw materials to cook but we didn’t prepare for 3 whole weeks. I hope the situation doesn’t get worse. There’s a lot of people in India that rely on daily produce like milk, vegetables etc. to feed their families. That they can’t buy in bulk let alone store.

We need to let go of some things, right? We need to compromise a little with the quality of life we’re used to and the freedom with which we consume and choose products.

If we’re all safe and healthy at home, with 3 meals in a day, that should be enough right? Why risk it?

The condition in Italy, Iran and US is grim, other countries too. There’s one thing we have to learn but still can’t impose: Stay at home.

I have done nothing but worry for the past 8 days, checking the news constantly. That didn’t help. But now I’ve made a routine to take care of myself, but more on this later.

Be safe, take care of yourselves and others. Donate food and money if you can. Don’t panic. We’re all in this together.


Empty Cages

You said people like me are things

Thoughtless and unlovable

Moving onto the highest bidder.

You said I’ve become a place

A ruined city where ghosts of past wander

Like I’ll collapse the roof on anyone who seeks shelter.

You said someone like me is a crowd

Swallowing anyone who stands out

Waiting for the next best thing to envelope

So it’s best to surrender.



When I seal my lips and cut off my ears

Breathing down my neck, you want what I know

Unequivocal to your self-righteous reasons

When you’ve walked to doors just to sell me out.

With my eyes wide open, tears flood my face

A blurry vision deems shadows to be ghosts, in a dark embrace

I know your stance is everything I’m up against

So out of tune, your lullabies ricochet

Choking me with storylines you helped create

Always trying to get your own way

No storm warning, my head bobbing above water

I wouldn’t know what to say.


Oh, snap! What a mighty long, complicated burn.

All aboard

“If you jump, I jump,” he says

King of the ocean with a heart consumed by the world
Every girl he’s sketched draws a breath
Sneaking away to dances in a borrowed suit
As regal ball gowns flood the golden room
Any man she had yet to serve
Offers her a lifeboat

“I’m Rose,” she doesn’t need to say
Holding her hand he believes in fate
They had to let go
Far from sinking ships, near to each other wherever they are
It’s the fall that shatters, tilts the ship to a halt
Passengers watch young love take it’s last breath
The water isn’t that cold
They’ll be glad to drown.

– Published on Lunar Longing, inspired by Titanic

It seems a bit out of character for Jack to jump but the story is a tragedy anyways, right?


Everything’s been said and nothing done
It’s rumored you taste like beer and smell like smoke
Sometimes I get drunk off your vibe
As you take my hand in a make-shift globe
Til we sway away from the floor
Hearsay, what I feel about you
Second-hand words from the people you’ve known
They’re names in a newspaper from before
In a moment of weakness, what do I have to be happy about?
The pause in your step when you see me
The smile in my stance when I see you
An overview of the room but I can never overlook you.


de novo

when the strings keeping your heart intact
are pulled together, tight
they close the wounds
shaping everything within
i’ve been working with a heart and less
but i don’t love you more than i tend to myself
i shouldn’t look back
those threads are chains and i can’t surrender
i won’t let you leave me asunder.


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