Sunshine Blogger Award #2

I am soaking up all that sunshine from this second nomination. Thank you so much to the lovely Wardah for that. Her blog is my declared favourite corner of the internet and once you open it, it will be yours too, I promise. Also, her pen name means rose in Arabic. How pretty is that? Very. Let’s get started with the Q/A but not without some rules first.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Remember to list the rules and indicate your award nomination by including the logo.
  • Answer the questions that has been given to you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who inspire you (or as many as you can).
  • Make a new list of 11 questions for your nominees (please keep them interesting and as interactive as you can think of, so everyone involved can enjoy this process).

my answers:

  1. What do you do before you go to bed? -brush my teeth and put in eye drops, it’s a very boring routine to put me to sleep.
  2. What is the best part of the WordPress community? -i started this blog over a year ago, posting on wordpress has kept me motivated. reading and being surrounded by other creative people is the best part. blogs are so helpful, insightful and have opened up a new world for me.
  3. Do you prefer the morning, afternoon, or night? -definitely a night owl when i have had coffee in the afternoon. i write down most of my ideas at that time too.
  4. What’s your favorite dessert? -just sugar in general, honestly. i have such a sweet tooth despite studying dentistry.
  5. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? -my sweet, sweet books. it’s a gift that keeps on giving.
  6. What is the best way to cheer you up when you’re down? -very easy. just tell me a joke. i try to laugh reluctantly at first but then give in.
  7. Have you ever almost died? -sort of. we all have this type of story, no?
  8. What is your first memory? -i can’t recall them chronologically. so there might be a few first memories. they’re images that play in my head sometimes, like riding the bus to preshool or eating chocolate for the first time.
  9. Fruits or vegetables? -tomatoes.
  10. What is the best place in the world? -home, definitely, wherever that is.
  11. Do you like surprises? -i love them! i love planning them, coming up with more ideas and executing them. i get too impatient when someone plans them for me though.


Anjali @anjaliutters

Pendullum @Poetry-in-motion

Rachel @Patient & Kind

my questions:

  1. What is the most exciting thing in your life currently?
  2. What inspires you to write?
  3. What are the things you like about yourself? Name as many as you can.
  4. What is the hardest thing in a friendship?
  5. What are three things you can’t live without?
  6. Something you want to change about the world…
  7. Your favourite birthday memory…
  8. Things/people you make time for…
  9. Name something people should appreciate more, a skill, art, person etc.
  10. Books that you would read again and why?
  11. A project that you would like to start in the future…

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I’m Aarushi and I write poetry about topics like hope, mental health and much more. If you wish to, leave a greeting here and at Wardah’s page. Thank you so much for reading!


I have been watching a lot of movies lately. Some aspects of a particular genre really bother me. Romantic comedies are light hearted but all of them send a unanimous message about our expectations from life, the way we form bonds and the overwritten importance given to chance encounters. I wrote this to comment on that. Recently there has been a shift in telling these stories, they’re more focused on female friendships (eg: Bridesmaids, Booksmart) and a greater meaning in life. Also, a more realistic depiction of the happy-ever-after concept, which is just so amazing and a much needed change.

Warrior, for here … is an unusual rhyme, but it works right? This is a short poem, more posts coming soon. If you’re new to my blog welcome! I write about hope, mental health and much more in the form of poetry, I hope you like it. Thank you so much for reading!

-Aarushi (loves caramel popcorn)


The hardest thing I’ve had to do
Was care about something other than you.

Even when I was stranded,
I would lie on the grass next to you,
With nothing better to do,
Hoping the clouds give us a clue.

You are the ground I stand upon,
But also the reason I want to fly.
I wish I could grab opportunities that I did not
When you consumed all my thoughts and made them yours.

That neighborhood was good enough,
It was nice of me to stay,
So I never left,
But I wish you asked me to,
Even once,
I would have found a new way.

-Aarushi (I wrote this about how our comfort zones can be very limiting for us. Trying new things without someone pushing us can be very hard.)

Deer in the headlights

Did you know that the word Race Car is a palindrome? Did you know that in olden times, horse driven carriages used to pass through parkways and now we park on driveways?

There’s certain words a person can only use so much, with this I think I have exhausted my quota of using the words crash and car. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, I know. This metaphor kept circling in my mind, I thought about it as I was walking on the asphalt road with white cars zooming past me. I wrote it down as soon as I got home.

This post is brought to you by Go-Get-Your-Driver’s-License-Already.

See ya in September!

-Aarushi (only has a learner’s permit)

Every other moment

In quarantine I turned to look inwards, and found joy in the little things of a routine or lack thereof. As we get adjusted to this new normal and aspects of the world open up again, the expectations from before remain the same. This week I tried to get back to my old mindset, so I could perform for the moments and tried to resist this massive change. But I couldn’t.


For someone other than myself

Sometimes I think that we still live in a world where expressing our grief is considered an exaggeration. I wrote this about what goes on in my mind when I have stressful, confusing, bad days. In times like these I’m grateful for the Internet and pages/posts online that share ideas about a positive outlook on life, even when I can’t talk to someone face to face.


Four, Three, Two, O n e

Acting on a whim, I jumped in the cab with you,
Our lives touched at midnight but never saw the light of day.
I was headed one stop away,
I would have let you in, if you asked me where I lived,
But you said my street meant goodbye.

Tired and home, I greet my empty bowl of keys,
I never know what these things mean.

Following nights I stayed up late, didn’t I?
That same time and thought about the car ride,
Your tousled hair and rolled up jacket sleeves,
Confetti stuck to your skin,
A soft brush therein,
Minute enough to be missed.

I look for you in restaurants,
Retro bars playing new songs
And the morning traffic
Like a bad habit.

Won’t you meet me in the afternoon?
We’ll re-create the magic of mistletoe,
If we close our eyes, it’s always night somewhere
And a party everywhere.


coffee crystals

auburn wilted leaves on my desk, i collected them in autumn,
when you and i had a lot in common,
indelible marks of pencil on golden pages,
chronicle the days we spent together,
i hoped the warmth would last forever.

a farewell sorrow with blue ink,
on the ivory paper i write on now,
leaves a cut,
and gets infected with nostalgia,
spilled black coffee on that crisp white sheet,
dries in this summer heat.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you Chanel M  for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is my first nomination for an award, so thank you so much for your consideration. I encourage you all to visit her site, she’s an amazing storyteller.

Chanel’s Questions For The Nominees:

  1. If time travel were possible (Some may debate that it already is), what era would you most like to visit? Why? -I’ve never imagined being somewhere else other than where I already am as every period in time has come with its challenges. However, I’d like to travel to the mid-1900’s when biology took a leap and concepts about life were becoming alive. Meet my heroes that pioneered genetics. I’m still very much fascinated by that.
  2. What are three gifts that you would like to give to humanity? -Meaning, happiness and kindness.
  3. Name a talent you wish you possessed. -I’d very much like to play the piano.
  4. What was the happiest moment of your life? -I remember reading my first book and imagining a whole new world beyond that.
  5. Dead or alive, who do you admire most in this world? -Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. His stories were an inspiration to me.
  6. What or who are you most proud of? Why? -I’m forever proud of my mother. The way our life is, it’s because of her.
  7. Name something that you wish people appreciated more. -Teachers.
  8. You’re stranded on a desert island. What are the three things you’d hope to have available? -Clean water, a boat, means to make fire.
  9. In five words or less, what does the word “normal” mean to you? -It’s comfortable.
  10. Do you believe that world peace could ever or will ever be possible? Why or why not? -I believe so. Mankind has to learn it’s lesson from history.
  11. What is one thing that you hope happens before the end of 2020? -I hope college starts again.

Rules For The Nominees:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post (please see the logo above).
  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, write them 11 new questions and notify them about the nomination.

My Nominations for The Sunshine Blogger Award:

My Questions for The Nominees:

  1. What is the most exciting thing in your life currently?
  2. What inspires you to write?
  3. What are the things you like about yourself? Name as many as you can.
  4. What is the hardest thing in a friendship?
  5. What are three things you can’t live without?
  6. Something you want to change about the world…
  7. Your favourite birthday memory…
  8. Things/people you make time for…
  9. Name something people should appreciate more, a skill, art, person etc.
  10. Books that you would read again and why?
  11. A project that you would like to start in the future…


I saw a firefly today. It flew into the room and it’s still there. (10:52 pm)

It’s is on the ceiling. It’s flickering. We’ve turned off the fan. (11:35 pm)

My eyes are heavy but I don’t want to miss the dot in the dark. I think it’s resting for the night. (2:16 am)

The firefly flew to the windowsill and then into the trees. I waved. I think I saw it twinkle as a goodbye too. (5:17 am)


Here we go,
Not looking for one but two,
Ways to feel better about ourselves,
The world broke us in million pieces,
But it wasn’t our fault, like always.


How am I awake again,
Trying to feel whole again,
I wasted broad daylight,
Now I count on the light,
Of this half moon,
I hope I get the answers soon.


I’m tired of digging deep,
When the water pours in,
I can’t leave,
I’m tired of this hollowing,
Concentric circles shut me in like walls,
I have more questions than before,
Is that changing?


Three similar pieces written in the last three months.

An unexpected party

Book recommendation

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein


1. Bilbo Baggins, our unassuming hero lives in a hole in the ground. He is comfortable and would not like to be bothered. He is polite and loves a second breakfast. While we can easily relate to Bilbo’s heart to stay at home and his appetite for six meals a day, like us, he awaits an adventure that he never expected.

2. It’s a story that goes on beyond the book. It is told through songs, maps and riddles. But mostly lives in your imagination. Delve into this world of dwarves, magic and adventure.

3. Read this book for yourself and for an escape. For the author and his sharp wit. For Bilbo and his search for treasure. This book? It’s precious.

If you have any book recommendations for me, please comment. I recently read this book again and wanted to share about it.


When I seal my lips and cut off my ears

Breathing down my neck, you want what I know

Unequivocal to your self-righteous reasons

When you’ve walked to doors just to sell me out.

With my eyes wide open, tears flood my face

A blurry vision deems shadows to be ghosts, in a dark embrace

I know your stance is everything I’m up against

So out of tune, your lullabies ricochet

Choking me with storylines you helped create

Always trying to get your own way

No storm warning, my head bobbing above water

I wouldn’t know what to say.


Oh, snap! What a mighty long, complicated burn.

All aboard

“If you jump, I jump,” he says

King of the ocean with a heart consumed by the world
Every girl he’s sketched draws a breath
Sneaking away to dances in a borrowed suit
As regal ball gowns flood the golden room
Any man she had yet to serve
Offers her a lifeboat

“I’m Rose,” she doesn’t need to say
Holding her hand he believes in fate
They had to let go
Far from sinking ships, near to each other wherever they are
It’s the fall that shatters, tilts the ship to a halt
Passengers watch young love take it’s last breath
The water isn’t that cold
They’ll be glad to drown.

– Published on Lunar Longing, inspired by Titanic

It seems a bit out of character for Jack to jump but the story is a tragedy anyways, right?


I turned twenty this Sunday so to do something special I chose this classic idea.

1. Best birthday memory-

It was when I was 14, I remember everyone in my family gathered around me to sing Happy Birthday and cut the chocolate cake I helped bake, which had the accurate fluffiness.

2. Bedtime stories I loved were-

Those about Kings and Queens and their kingdom and dragons. I also grew up with a healthy dose of fairytales. I loved The Elves and the Shoemaker dearly. Ali Baba and the Forty thieves was the first book I ever owned.

3. The kind of magic I believe in-

I definitely fall for magic tricks as they’re entertaining but I live for the magic around us. Little things like leaves shaped like hearts, the stuff you find poetry in- how people fall together and apart. Wizards too.

4. Something that makes me feel like a bad person-

Being ignorant toward something. Like forgetting someone’s birthday who wholeheartedly wished me good luck for mine. But I’m changing this by learning the dates, one person at a time.

5. Something I’d like to initiate

A book club please, to fangirl over all the characters. But also a dialogue with the people around me for compliments and good habits so that they know there’s room for growth and the conversation is not over.

6. Advice I live by-

You need to have balance between all the things in your life otherwise you’ll be the one on edge.

7. Inspiration behind what I write-

The people around me and events that happen to me- good or bad. Like many other people’s work, it’s derived from the life I live and choices I make.

8. Things that I find funny-

All of The Office TV show. My sense of humor is dry. I like puns a lot and witty jokes that are not trying to be funny.

9. Favourite people on WordPress-

I’m an avid reader on this site, I love the pages I follow. Poems and photography blogs are the top 2 things. I’ll add the link to specific sites if the writers allow. I would also love to repost some of my favorite poetry.

10. More about me-

I live in a city. My name is Aarushi which means first ray of sunshine. I’m a student living at home. I love coffee, French fries, dogs and the sky among other things.

It’s amazing to get to know people, so if you want tell me something about you that you wish people knew, do tell. I’d love nothing more. Thank you for reading!


Everything’s been said and nothing done
It’s rumored you taste like beer and smell like smoke
Sometimes I get drunk off your vibe
As you take my hand in a make-shift globe
Til we sway away from the floor
Hearsay, what I feel about you
Second-hand words from the people you’ve known
They’re names in a newspaper from before
In a moment of weakness, what do I have to be happy about?
The pause in your step when you see me
The smile in my stance when I see you
An overview of the room but I can never overlook you.


Last first love

That moment of light made you see me

How I can disappear from beneath

Tried and tested places don’t feel safe

Your words never live up to the cover

On a chilly December evening

Falling apart but the covers hold us together

Our voices echo in the empty house

We wouldn’t be doing this in our right minds

Lover wouldn’t be written in the corner

You’re not worth the wait, so I leave

Mismatched colors won’t get you by anymore, so you don’t follow.


The Mirror of Possessed

It won’t tell what you’re the most, certainly not the least

It shows that you’re a beast,

It won’t respond to mirror, mirror on the wall

As it stands tall in the darkest of halls,

You won’t see what you wish to be

But the demons you’re scared to let free,

It won’t transport you to another world

Where an opposite reality could have unfurled,

You might think you’re fine

But here the stars don’t align,

You’ll decay

That’s the only way,

You won’t ever be at rest

It’s The Mirror of Possessed.


I had this idea, I really hope it translates.


nights in the rearview mirror

crashing into glass

a sudden halt

throws us forward and then back,

we can’t talk about it

but i retrace our path,

tire marks on an empty road

it’s a story told in the past

drive in reverse

til you get to the start,

now can we tell where this ends

and we part?


this poem uses half my brain to understand and i’m the one who wrote it. fancy much?


We sing in a rocketship going to the end of universe

Metal and survival kits hang like decoration

Elements that make up your name have been discovered

Buttons taped to your hand determine our fate

Blow out the candle in space before we inhale the cake

It’s a countdown to feel weightless, a party in zero gravity.


Those moments where a relationship headed towards destruction? And you’re at a party but you want to have some fun?