A bullet casing

This hope is what remains from who I used to be

So I protect the flame, preserve it

Only to watch it, this dangerous thing

Disappear, go out with fierce winds

By myself like a mad girl, with maddening edges

Forever diminishing

Still a part of me.


<Thank you everyone for your time and reading these, I love short poems and reading between the lines>


A filament breaks in me when we scream
We always pull our own weight up
I fell through your heart and stood still
I can’t find your bed but I can make it tonight
When you throw your heart around it leaves a stain
Hearts on sleeve melt from burning flames
I don’t hate the dark that much, you’ve been a shadow to tolerate.


Can your Hogwarts Houses change? I used to be in Gryffindor but now I’m Hufflepuff? What even.


I feel like I’m overrated
Always on the edge, unbalanced
As the odds tip, I spill
Everything less or in excess
I can’t seem to moderate
the things I need and create
I’ve broken myself into pieces
and people know the lies
Entirety of me too much to handle
Either nothing or the whole damn package
with a ribbon on top
I feel like I’m at the both ends of a spectrum.


Last first love

That moment of light made you see me

How I can disappear from beneath

Tried and tested places don’t feel safe

Your words never live up to the cover

On a chilly December evening

Falling apart but the covers hold us together

Our voices echo in the empty house

We wouldn’t be doing this in our right minds

Lover wouldn’t be written in the corner

You’re not worth the wait, so I leave

Mismatched colors won’t get you by anymore, so you don’t follow.


The Mirror of Possessed

It won’t tell what you’re the most, certainly not the least

It shows that you’re a beast,

It won’t respond to mirror, mirror on the wall

As it stands tall in the darkest of halls,

You won’t see what you wish to be

But the demons you’re scared to let free,

It won’t transport you to another world

Where an opposite reality could have unfurled,

You might think you’re fine

But here the stars don’t align,

You’ll decay

That’s the only way,

You won’t ever be at rest

It’s The Mirror of Possessed.


I had this idea, I really hope it translates.


nights in the rearview mirror

crashing into glass

a sudden halt

throws us forward and then back,

we can’t talk about it

but i retrace our path,

tire marks on an empty road

it’s a story told in the past

drive in reverse

til you get to the start,

now can we tell where this ends

and we part?


this poem uses half my brain to understand and i’m the one who wrote it. fancy much?


We sing in a rocketship going to the end of universe

Metal and survival kits hang like decoration

Elements that make up your name have been discovered

Buttons taped to your hand determine our fate

Blow out the candle in space before we inhale the cake

It’s a countdown to feel weightless, a party in zero gravity.


Those moments where a relationship headed towards destruction? And you’re at a party but you want to have some fun?

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