coffee crystals

indelible marks of pencil on golden pages
chronicle the days we spent together
red yellow orange, it was autumn
we had a lot in common
i hoped the warmth would last forever.

a farewell sorrow with blue ink
the ivory paper i write on now
leaves a cut
and gets infected with nostalgia
spilled black coffee on that crisp white sheet
dries in this summer heat.


Sunflowers I Loved

I gave you my plastic heart
You made it stainless steel
I hid my electric bones
But you lit them up like a city.

What is it like to be you

To live in darkness

Spreading joy

Sowing seeds for flowers you won’t see bloom
I hold the last dandelion of summer in my hand
Take it to your room
That’s something I can do for you.



Should I draw the line or cross it?
I’m at the door
The light in your eyes is ultraviolet
But we haven’t made any memories yet
Only situations, they’re not in earnest.

Two months in, I’m writing endlessly
About an extended fantasy
I’m furious at the paper and me
More time gone by forgetting
Than chasing neon lights with you
It’s the state of mind, a mute ecstasy.



You’re a little too loud for your words
A little too sweet for where you work
It’s something I heard you say
I’ve been looking at you in the hallways.

You wear you best accessories all at once
So strange but lovely.

Talk to me like a stranger
Over wine and some danger
I need a drink or two
To get over how I look at you.


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